Dreaded “S” word😓

I noticed Emma’s been making this startling motion the last couple of weeks. They’re completely infrequent and nothing brings them on. Her OT and vision teacher noticed them as well last week. They mentioned the word seizure and said I should call her pediatrician. Long story short, we went to neurology today for an EEG and unfortunately it was abnormal. Emma has epilepsy and she’s been having myoclonic seizures. How utterly devastating for my daughter to now have another obstacle to face. I am beyond upset and don’t think I can cry anymore. We are going to start her on Keppra and slowly up the dosage over the next few days in hopes it makes the seizures subside. 

I know Emma has no clue what’s going on or what is happening to her but as her mother to have to know that any seizure could cause her brain damage is terrifying. I’m going to stay optimistic because Emma is the strongest little girl I know. Just another roadblock in our journey but we will face it head on and get around it, like we always do. 

The best part about today is that as I was driving home from the doctor and I got into the neighborhood I absolutely broke down. I started sobbing uncontrollably and out of nowhere I hear Emma’s infectious laugh. I look in my mirror and there she is in the backseat cracking up. Lo and behold, she’s laughing at me crying. She thinks it’s funny. It was amazing to hear her laugh so hard and couldn’t have been more perfect. It made me feel so much better. Once again, just proves how amazing Emma is♥️😍

2 thoughts on “Dreaded “S” word😓”

  1. so sorry to hear about your tough day today, but it sounds like you are in the best hands. take it slow and easy….we are thinking of you all.


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