Children with disabilities

CVI books

I had seen a few versions of these books with black backgrounds but none like what I did. I originally had black felt cutouts covering the background of Emma’s books but black paint seemed to be the better solution. I just used black acrylic paint to cover the entire background except for the main focus on each page of her books. The results are pretty cool and Emma really responded well to the contrast with some light to accentuate the focal point. If you’re interested in this but don’t have time or ability to do it yourself please message me and I would paint any books you’d like for a fee.




8 thoughts on “CVI books”

    1. Hi there. I am a special education teacher about to start teaching 3 and 4 year olds. I could really use these books. How much would you charge for me to get painted copies??? I have no money from my school so cost will be from me not the school.


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