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Quick story of the kindness of others❤️

Just wanted to share a quick story of kindness. Although there’s terrible things happening around the World right now, all good is not lost. Emma’s new diet will require a food scale, as we will need to weigh and measure everything she eats/drinks. Long story short, it’s not covered by her health insurance because even though it is clearly a necessity to the diet, it’s not a medical necessity since we are electing to put her on the diet. Not to get off topic but insurance companies boggle my mind. Anyway, the food scale her hospital requires is $100+. I mentioned to her nurse that this will be a financial burden for our family. Of course we will get Emma whatever she needs but still having a special needs child is extremely costly.

Well the other day I got an email from the nurse letting me know that her friend is sending Emma a scale. She doesn’t want anything in return because her grandson is currently on the diet and medication/seizure free because of it. She wants Emma to be given that chance without us worrying about the costs. I cried reading the email. This woman has never met us and knows nothing about our family but what an amazing and generous gesture.

We’ve been so lucky to have been blessed with such wonderful people in our lives. I encourage all to ask for help when needed. You’ll be surprised who answers your call.

2 thoughts on “Quick story of the kindness of others❤️”

  1. There are a lot of good people who offer to help when you need it the most. I am so glad that someone that you never met is doing this for your beautiful Emma. Emma has a great smile!

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