I remember it like it was yesterday…

I was 20 weeks pregnant with my first child and beyond excited to find out if I was carrying a baby boy or girl. We went to the ultrasound appointment and were told we were having a little girl. I was thrilled and terrified all at the same time. We went home and the next day I received a call from the ultrasound tech. “The doctor wants me to get more pictures of her head.” I said ok and thought nothing of it. I just assumed baby hadn’t been cooperating and they wanted better pictures. I showed up to my appointment and little did I know I was about to receive some bad news. After more pictures were taken and the doctor was called in to look for himself, I was told to meet him in his office. At that moment, I knew  something was wrong and I started bawling. I had my mom with me luckily since my husband had been working. The doctor began to explain to us that there are 2 large ventricles in the head and there is fluid inside the ventricles. They measure the amount of fluid by the ultrasound and my baby’s ventricles were measuring a bit over “normal”. Of course, he starts to explain what that could mean as far as her health in the future. I was told numerous things at that appointment including the possibility of Down Syndrome. I was told that it wasn’t too late to terminate the pregnancy. That was completely devastating to hear. I had been carrying this little angel for 20+ weeks and couldn’t at this point imagine not giving birth. I was referred to a children’s hospital from that point on and it only got harder from there. 

Did you find out something about your baby at an ultrasound? How did you feel? I would love to hear how you handled the news and what your experience was like. Please leave a comment or email me directly. 

2 thoughts on “I remember it like it was yesterday…”

  1. Hi Lauren,
    What a beautiful warrior you have on your hands! I also have a 13-month-old girl, Charlotte (or “Charles,” as I like to call her). At my anatomy scan I was told by the head of OB that she “didn’t have part of her brain.” Devastation doesn’t even come close to what I felt in that moment (and I was alone; my husband had just started a new job). We had a fetal MRI the next day and they told us that the day before had been a misdiagnosis, and she actually had congenital hydrocephalus. He went on to say she would be severely disabled, wouldn’t walk or talk, etc. The next week we went to Boston Children’s for a new MRI, in-depth ultrasound and met with a world reknowned neurosurgeon who specializes in hydrocephalus. She didn’t Have hydrocephalus; she had suffered a brain bleed in utero and it caused ventricularmegaly. She would NOT be severely affected. Thank God for a second opinion. We did a story for Children’s to encourage people getting a second opinion. If you google “Charlotte Bent Boston Children’s Thrivings blog,” it should come up. She has polymicrogyria (found out after birth). She just had a neurology appointment yesterday and her doctor said cognitively, she is a typically developing 13-month-old. Same with fine motor. She is gross motor delayed, most likely because of the bleed, but he believes she will walk. My pregnancy was devastating; my daughter is a miracle. I will never forget that anatomy scan as long as I love, but my daughter’s sheer determination astounds me every day. And Early Intervention is AMAZING!!! Thank you for sharing your daughter’s story!!! What a warrior!!!

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    1. Thank you for letting me know all of this Jen. It’s been a long road but Emma’s making amazing strides daily and I have every bit of faith that she will walk and talk and anything else she wants to do. I’m so glad Charles is doing so well too!! These little girls are wonderful human beings and I believe I’m blessed to have Emma. I’m meant to have Emma.


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