Post-surgery life

Emma was in the hospital for a week recovering from the Craniosynostosis surgery. After a day, she was already beginning to show signs of acting like her “normal self”. She was kicking her legs and moving in her little hospital crib. The doctors were extremely happy with her incision and how it was healing, so they removed her drain and the next day we were  discharged. That was over 3 months ago and you wouldn’t even know she had surgery such a short time ago. Her dissolvable stitches are almost gone. Her hair has grown back almost enough to cover the scar that runs across the top of her head from ear to ear. She has resumed all of her therapies which include an OT, PT, Vision instructor, hearing instructor and speech therapist. She’s slowly attempting to crawl which is a very exciting milestone for her to meet. Each day Emma is growing and trying so hard to move. 

Did your child have this surgery? If so, how did they recover afterwards? Did you notice a difference in your child’s development? I’d love to hear about it!

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