The C-word…Craniosynostosis 

At Emma’s follow up appointment, the doctors noticed that her fontanelle was closed. This is not typical for a 5 month old baby to have this happen. We were sent down to the doc and they scheduled a CT. After the doctor reviewed the scan, it was confirmed that the cranial sutures had in fact fused. We were then sent down to plastic surgery to have the doctor explain next steps. Basically we were given 2 options; do nothing and she could have more delays and also have a deformed skull/appearance or get the surgery to reopen the cranial sutures. Emma had to wait until she was 10 months old for the surgery to happen. The procedure would take 4-5 hours and require her neurosurgeon and plastic surgeon to operate side by side. They needed her to be big enough to withstand being under anesthesia for such an extended period of time. Waiting 5 months, knowing that they would be operating on my baby again was agonizing. Finally, the time had come for Emma’s surgery. My husband and I were terrified. We arrived at the hospital early in the morning to get her prepped for surgery. Before they took her back, the plastic surgeon came in and asked if they could shave her entire head to minimize the risk of infection. Of course we obliged, but my God how absolutely devastating. It seems so silly but I think that’s when everything actually sank in that my 10 month old baby was about to undergo surgery to have her head operated on, again. We waited and waited but 4 hours later, they were finished and the surgey couldn’t have gone better. Emma is truly a little fighter. 

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