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Seizures are rough

Emma’s been taking her max dose of Keppra for over 2 weeks now. Since Sunday, she’s been having 30-40+ seizures a day. The most she’s ever had daily since they started in May. I feel awful for her. We need to get this figured out. I’m hoping after her neurologist checks her blood levels we can adjust back down to a lesser dose. We are also on track to start her Keto Diet next month. There are so many things that go into that as well and it’s a tedious process just to get admitted to the hospital. Trying to stay optimistic because we need this diet to work. I don’t want to introduce any new meds. I just don’t feel like it’s the best thing to do for Emma. I’m feeling very overwhelmed and stressed about everything. I wish Emma didn’t have to go through any of this. It’s so sad but she is amazing and is still progressing despite all of the seizures and setbacks. She’s truly inspirational. She is the reason I want to be the best mom I can be.

5 thoughts on “Seizures are rough”

  1. She’s a beauty. You are doing everything you can. I wish it were easier for you both. No one can know what it feels like to watch your child have seizures unless you’ve lived through it. Wishing you both well deserved peace.

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  2. So sorry about that. Hope the keto diet works. My 2-year old boy is slowly being weaned off keppra because it doesn’t seem to be working. But he’s on topiramate now and it’s doing wonders for him.

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