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Hydrocephalus bracelets! Great holiday gifts for a good cause!

Until Emma was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at 22 weeks in utero, I had never even heard of the word and couldn’t even pronounce it. For those of you who don’t know what it is, the exact definition is “a build-up of fluid deep within the cavities of the brain”. It’s also known as “water on the brain”. Emma had a brain bleed and caused a clot at the base of her skull. This allowed for fluid to build in her brain while she was in utero and after birth a shunt was placed to drain the excess fluid. As of now, the only cure for Hydrocephalus is either a shunt or surgery. It’s a diagnosis that can cause many issues and hopefully one day we will find a better solution. Our family wants to help spread awareness about hydrocephalus and have made some bracelets to represent that!

💙🖤🐻the colors represent hydro and the bear is for Emma! Please visit to place an order.


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