Children with disabilities

Emma Bear’s Day: A Children’s Book

Emma has cortical visual impairment and we have had a difficult time finding books that were suitable for her, so we decided to create our own children’s book for her and others to enjoy.

Join Emma and her friend Lucy the Bunny throughout their day of fun! Our book is great for children of all ages. The adorable character of Emma Bear will sure to be one of your kids favorites.

It has been suggested that high contrast images can be easier for kids with vision issues to see. Our books have blacked out backgrounds to increase contrast and reflective circles throughout. Details that could make seeing the characters easier for your child. Our book is filled with simple characters and bright colors.

To order your new Emma Bear book, please visit (If outside the US, please email me directly at

Thank you so much for your order!!❤️❤️

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    Lauren Seeger, CVI Mom, blogger at Emma Bear’s Journey, and admin at Parents of Children with Developmental Delays shares a book she has created for children with CVI: Emma Bear’s Day: Phase 1 CVI Book.

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