Bringing home baby

Emma was home finally and it was much harder than I expected. Since she was still on the feeding tube, I had to use a gravity bag to feed her every 3 hours. It was completely exhausting to do this day after day. One night I was utterly delirious and I had had enough. I couldn’t deal with the constant pumping and measuring and feeding tube parts. I got Emma in a good position and I tried for a few minutes until she latched! It was a miracle! Finally!! After that she nursed like a champ and a week later her pediatrician removed her feeding tube. Each day got easier with feeding and Emma started to seem more and more like a “normal” baby. She was enrolled in the Early Intervention program and over the next couple of months had an occupational therapist and physical therapist coming to the house each week. These 2 therapists were a saving grace for Emma. The way they explained it was that since some of the connections in Emma’s brain were blocked, then we would have to create new pathways for her to learn. 

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